Andrew is a pianist and composer of original classical music. His Chiaroscuro Suite recorded in Prague with the Czech Film Orchestra is available on classical record label – Centaur Records – one of the oldest and largest independent classical labels in the U.S.

Andrew’s Pluto’s Crossing Suite is scheduled for release on the Centaur Records label in Summer 2017.
Andrew’s music is distributed by Naxos to major markets throughout the world and is played on classical radio stations – principally in the US.

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Review of Music

‘Modern British composer Andrew Sparrow has written a truly beautiful large-scale orchestral work. Inspired by great film score composers, John Barry being a particularly strong influence, this melodic work is immediately appealing.’ Music Island

Music Island

Andrew on his music composing and the parallels with practising the law:

‘It’s the process I love. Creating something new. I approach a new musical composition much as I do when working on a legal matter. With composing, you sit at the piano, collect your thoughts and totally absorb yourself in the effort. You identify a core theme and then build on that until you feel it represents the best you can do. When contemplating a legal issue – again you give complete attention of the mind to the issue and from that springs the solution.’

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