New Space Law

Andrew on the significance of Space law

‘Attention to how the law would govern Space was underway long before Mankind ever ventured into the domain – but most of the International laws and Treaty’s relating to Space were written during the Space Race era – and still apply today. We are in a new period of Space endeavour with ever more commercial operators entering the market. It’s an incredibly exciting time – and it ushers in new legal considerations’.

We advise on a variety of legal issues related to New Space activities including:

  • Software is an essential element of spacecraft subsystems. We advise on flight software development and licensing agreements; and software agreements governing Boot, Command, Data Handling, Guidance, Navigation and Control, and Power and Communications, together with issues such as system integration, data processing, risk assessment testing, security, guidance navigation, software simulation, testbeds, verification and testing.
  • Mission Intellectual Property Rights protection and licensing agreements.
  • Satellite purchase and launch legal agreements.
  • Advice on venture capital investment.
  • Advice on the Multilateral International Space Treaties which govern space activity.
  • Earth Remote Sensing legal issues.
  • Advice on Space tourism contracts.

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